Who are we?


Best Cognac Champagne is a generation of experts with an heritage from previous generations with their roots in New Aquitaine, a region of talented winegrowers who have joined forces with the Châteaux, Estates and Houses from the most beautiful wine regions to share their passion for incredible spirits and wines with you.


These natural masterpieces are stored in our air-conditioned cellars, away from light and noise, some 450 items patiently chosen for their intrinsic qualities recognised throughout the world as well as vintages produced during great years, all from renowned Houses, Châteaux or Estates and recognised by oenologists.


Best Cognac Champagne can help you and guide through this wide range of choices. Best Cognac Champagne guarantees delivery to your door within a few hours of your order.


Best Cognac Champagne has also created an important and special section for organic wines and is also very happy to introduce you to renowned bottles made according to very precise and closely monitored organic charters.

Finally, Best Cognac Champagne is very mindful of the environment and uses biodegradable packaging, cases and crates and electronic rolling stock in order to protect the planet.