Brand Jean-Luc Pasquet

The vineyard located in Eraville not far from Segonzac, the capital of Grande Champagne, has its origins in 1730. The property will be passed down from generation to generation until Jean Luc Pasquet who inherits the property in 1970. It is only in 1977 that Jean Luc Pasquet, his son, began bottling his production.

The vineyard is maintained in organic farming and planted with Ugni-Blanc grape variety, one of the three important grape varieties of the Cognac region. This vineyard also has a few vines of Folle Blanche, the King grape of the Cognac region before the phylloxera crisis at the end of the 19th century. This very fragile grape variety gave and still gives birth to eaux-de-vie of incomparable finesse and richness, both olfactory and gustatory.

The House raises several qualities of Cognacs, of different ages, under labels specific to each quality.