Brand Pommery

In 1857, with the wool trade going through a crisis, Mr. Pommery turned to the Champagne wine trade to secure his daughter's future. He died a year later in February 1858. The result is known: his young widow takes the reins of the House and leads the house to success and glory.

Louise Pommery married Guy de Polignac in 1875. This branch of the Polignac family will remain the owner of the House until the end of the 1980s, a period when the House will pass into the hands of different groups and nowadays end up in the Vranken group.

Domaine Pommery: Ten years of work, begun in 1868, were necessary to achieve this Elizabethain-style work.

A superb staircase of 116 steps provides access, 30 meters underground, to a veritable underground cathedral: the Pommery cellars built on old chalk pits dug by the Gallo-Romans 2000 years ago. Each of the cellar galleries is named by Madame Pommery in tribute to her clients from around the world.

The cellars now house 20 million bottles, including the oldest vintages of the House, extremely rare vintages, kept in the wine store.

Pommery Park was created in 1910 for which Edouard Redont was the landscape architect to provide light to the immense cellars.