Brand Drouet

The Drouet family has been rooted for three generations in the land of Grande Champagne, the premier cru of the Cognac region. The vineyard, authenticated since 1848 was rewarded at the Universal Exhibition of Brussels in 1897. It is located in Salles d'Angles for 70% in Grande Champagne and for the rest in Petite Champagne, the second growth, the whole not far away. from the city of Cognac.

93% of the 40-hectare vineyard is planted with Ugni Blanc and the rest with Colombard, two of the three major grape varieties authorized in the Cognac delimited region, as provided for in the legislation in force. The cultivation of the entire vineyard is organized in reasoned culture: inter-row grassing, no weedkillers, organic fertilizer.

The two red copper stills used for the distillation of the wines (in double heating) are in small size of 10 hectos of load. The cutting in the heart of heating is entirely managed by the owner and by him alone. The cognacs are aged in barrels of 250 to 400 liters exclusively and adapted according to their age (new barrels, red barrels and old barrels) and according to the age of the cognac. A rare alchemy in which each step is an Art.

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