Brand Mumm

The Von Mumm family is a very old family of German origin.

In 1761, Peter Arnold Mumm, then a banker, started a wine sales activity in the city of Cologne in the Rhineland. His sons, Jacob, Gottlieb and Philipp, took over from their father, and in 1827 started a wine merchant activity in Reims in Champagne.

In 1852, Georges Hermann Mumm (G.H.), grandson of Peter Arnold, became the boss of the Champagne House which took his name. In November 1876, he registered the name “Cordon Rouge” and had it printed on his bottle.

Maison Mumm in Reims is the work of architect Kalas. The surrounding walls of the main facade, on the rue du Champ de Mars, are covered with mosaic panels produced by the Guilbert-Martin workshop according to the cartoons of Octave Guillonnet and Joseph Blanc in 1898. There are five panels which illustrate the main stages in the making of champagne, from harvest to corking and tying the bottle.

The Premiers Grands Crus House has only retained four champagnes in the Mumm range of Champagnes, all four classified exclusively Grand Cru: Brut Sélection, the Blanc de Noirs, the Blanc de Blancs and the Cuvée René Lalou.

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