Brand La Fontaine de la Pouyade

La Fontaine de La Pouyade Cognac is now owned by the fourteenth generation of the Plantevigne-Dubosquet family, rooted in the Cognac region since the 17th century.

La Fontaine de La Pouyade is the name reserved for the best Cognacs chosen by the current descendant, holder and heir of a unique know-how transmitted from generation to generation, Cognac named after this Fountain mentioned in a deed from 1713.

Only one quality is produced by the House, at the top of the niche of the Great Cognacs. La Pouyade Fountain comes exclusively from the heart of the delimited Cognac region: Grande Champagne classified as Premier Cru.

This Cognac is exclusively composed of very old Eaux-de-Vie preciously kept in Dame-jeanne once they have reached their maximum aging. Particular care is taken at each stage of its elaboration to give birth to this rare and exceptional quality reached its paroxysm of refinement and passion.

The grapes are harvested exclusively on the limestone slopes of the Grande Champagne region, where the sun's rays are most intense. The yield per hectare is lower than in the other Crus but it brings, after a longer ageing, incomparable olfactory and gustative lengths.

The distillation, year after year during the winter, is carried out according to unique, ancestral and secret processes which will give, during the tasting, this wide harmonic palette of spices, candied fruits and flowers like iris and violet, so characteristic of the Grande Champagne.

Before the beginning of Spring, the Cognac will fall asleep, forgetting time, under the watchful eye of several generations of winegrowers and cellar masters, in barrels made from the heart of very old oak trees.

In a hand-finished crystal bottle, replica of the old 17th century bottles owned by the family, capped and sealed with wax, each bottle is dressed with a 24-carat gold label, identified by a unique number, engraved in the glass and included on this unforgeable signed and watermarked certificate.

Only a few hundred bottles are available each year throughout the world.